Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Poem for a dear friend about to tie the knot.

Walking down my memory lane,
I felt the sweet sensation of a loving rain.
I blinked my eyes to see more clearly,
And I found "the one" I love most dearly.
Walking with him hand in hand,
The sweet journey has brought me to where I stand.

Today, I feel the rain on me once more,
For I see you walk beside me with "the one" you adore.
Life's true joy is not just finding your soulmate,
Its to see you, dear friend share the same happy fate.
On this special day as you marry your love,
I know that your togetherness was destined by heaven above.


ANUBHA said...

Beautiful Poem ashwini !!!!
Is this some1 whom I too know ???
Really sweet

Ketan said...

very nice poem..!!

Amrut said...

I see u r back in ur element!

Ashwini said...

Thanks all.

@Anubha: I wrote this for a friend of mine from IBM.

Anonymous said...

solid bidu! :)

Pranav said...

This be Abhidnya?

Namu said...

hey ! nice poem :) is it for abhidnya ?

Ashwini said...

Yup. Its for Abhi.