Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Right .... Left ... or just plain Wrong?

Its about a month since I have been here,
And my mind has become a muddle, hard to clear.
Read on ahead and you will know why,
I have cooked up a hot n spicy, bheja fry!

Top of the list is the much know right hand drive,
Mixing left with right may not see you alive.
Changing orientation is easier said than done,
Driving here is hard work and not mere fun.

Lets enter the room and turn on the lamp,
The switch is turned down, but the room is dark and damp?
Thoughts race ahead, "I think, the bulb might have gone".
And then I see a finger turn the switch off to have the lights come ON.

"Never talk to strangers!", since my childhood I had been told,
But the way here is much different than this saying rather old.
People will chat up without each other knowing,
Of the weather, city or just a "How are you doing?".

BIG is the word, and I mean THE word that thrives,
Nothing is small or little, its either Large or a Mega size.
The Indian logic of little first and then if you like it some more,
Goes out of the window in a restaurant or a store.

Variety is the spice of life, and I can say that its true,
My head has stopped swooning and I see the sky, blue.
Its not "right? left? or just plain wrong?"!
Its a different tune to the same life's song.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Daylight Saving Time - A Limerick!

I woke up late on a Sunday morning
Rubbing my eyes, stretching and yawning,
My face turned sour
I had lost an hour
The clock was ticking to Daylight saving!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

First Step!

I am sitting, with nothing much to do ..... lots of time on my hands, and lots of thoughts in my head. So here I am converting my nothing to something.

As I take my first step in blog-o-sphere, I think ..... what would be an appropriate first blog? And, my thoughts drift ............. my mind is recounting, reliving the first step events of my life.

My memories pull me back as far as they can, and I can see the first day of school. I remember feeling a "little" grown up, just enough to take that first step as I let go of my mother's hand. I find myself thinking of the first time I dipped my toe in the swimming and cried wild - "I am going to drown!!!". Oh! and I also just thought of the first time I walked on stage - this little guiding light of mine, I'm going to let it shine ..... we sang. The small footsteps became bigger, but the first step remained the same, atleast, it felt the same. I can still feel those moments of awe when I first understood what the word Earth meant, when I first held that regular onion peel under the microscope and saw something I had never seen before, when I first touched a newborn and lost touch with time. In the same breath I am flooded with random first timers: memories of my first drawing, first day at my first job, first time I climbed a tree , first award, first failure, first plane journey, first time I wronged, first time I forgave, first date (though he and I disagree on that one), first time I went para-sailing and more recently my first step over the threshold that gave me my new life, my new home, my new family (read marriage!).

There are a countless other memories, which can be tagged "the first" and I realize, I do something new everyday!!! Everyday I am having a first step experience. If only I had pondered on this a little earlier ... maybe I would have cherished them a little longer. Many of those firsts are indelible footprints that will always stand the test of time, some others will be overwritten while some may be left so far behind, its difficult to turn back and even see them. But no matter what we remember and what we don't, they have left a mark on us, for its our first steps that have made us come as far as we have.