Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Right .... Left ... or just plain Wrong?

Its about a month since I have been here,
And my mind has become a muddle, hard to clear.
Read on ahead and you will know why,
I have cooked up a hot n spicy, bheja fry!

Top of the list is the much know right hand drive,
Mixing left with right may not see you alive.
Changing orientation is easier said than done,
Driving here is hard work and not mere fun.

Lets enter the room and turn on the lamp,
The switch is turned down, but the room is dark and damp?
Thoughts race ahead, "I think, the bulb might have gone".
And then I see a finger turn the switch off to have the lights come ON.

"Never talk to strangers!", since my childhood I had been told,
But the way here is much different than this saying rather old.
People will chat up without each other knowing,
Of the weather, city or just a "How are you doing?".

BIG is the word, and I mean THE word that thrives,
Nothing is small or little, its either Large or a Mega size.
The Indian logic of little first and then if you like it some more,
Goes out of the window in a restaurant or a store.

Variety is the spice of life, and I can say that its true,
My head has stopped swooning and I see the sky, blue.
Its not "right? left? or just plain wrong?"!
Its a different tune to the same life's song.


jidnyasa said...

Sundar!! I like the end very much..keep writing :)

Vinoth said...

Nice :) .. I think it is plain wrong.. This place is so screwed up..

tandra said...

nicely put! :)

Namrata said...

nice :)

SPK said...

Lovely. I really liked the last two lines. Way to go! I am amazed that how I haven't read your blog before.
Anyways its never too late :)civeWeb